Communication Problems in Discharge Planning for Nurses Essay examples

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nurses who frequently enhance the communication problems in discharge planning, and who strive to improve the working relationship, collaboration and who use the teamwork approach to patient and family centered discharge planning will greatly reduce patient readmission (Lo, Stuenkel, and Rodriguez, 2009, p. 160). Lo, Stuenkel and Rodriguez (2009) emphasize that an organized and well prepared discharge planning, education of patients with multi-lingual services and use of different methods of teaching greatly improves the patients’ outcome (p.157). These include an experienced and well-taught phone call follow-up sessions after discharge along with ensuring the extension of adequate postoperative care. Another way nurses can deliver a …show more content…
This includes offering structured discharge educational programs and every so often conducting workshops that educate nurses to provide effective discharge planning. Ultimately this would cost the health care systems minimum revenue and would reduce the patient’s like hood of being readmitted tremendously. According to White et al. (2013) the majority of patients who are discharged from the hospital have difficult time retaining the information they are taught during their hospital stay. This is associated with high stress they go through during their procedure process
Therefore, in-order to teach patients effectively nurses must find an evidence based discharge planning and teaching techniques. One of the methods White et al.(2010) stress to be used and currently proved to be effective in discharge planning is called the “Teach back” teaching. The majority patients do better understanding their own plan of care and effectively use the method, when they explain back to the nurse what they have been taught during their discharge education (White et al., 2010, p.137). This method also help the nurse to see how well she explained the discharge planning to the patient and elaborate what need to be further thought. These includes analyzing the patient’s literacy levels, barriers ,and cultural back ground. Furthermore this help the nurses to evaluate the patient understanding level and technique of learning and enforce them to create individualize

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