Community for Justice A Communitarian Critique of Traditional Liberal Theory

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Communitarians cannot accept liberal theory. It fails to pay mind to the essence of what makes human beings function as social creatures. And while it continues to stray from its beginnings it can no longer satisfy what is necessary for an acceptable political theory. Communitarians view this distance from the original theory their main objection to liberal theory. Instead an ideal communitarian theory would involve “a more contextual and community-sensitive approach” (209).
The classical liberal theory is considered by many to be highly ahistorical, this point of view is held especially by those considered communitarians. The criticism extends further by explaining the theory as being ‘universalist’. Ignoring necessary communal living
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The objections communitarians raise towards the notion of justice is the first opportunity for rejection. According to communitarians the liberal society has placed too much importance on the principle of justice, and in doing so has reduced other more ideal virtues such as benevolence and solidarity (210). On this view, justice is the solution to the individual nature that comes with the exclusion of communities and the family. When justice is required, some communitarians note that this is the by-product of persons who fail to demonstrate characteristics of virtue, such as compassion, honesty and shared goals. The very need to establish a system of justice is proof that the liberal ideal has failed.
This criticism is too simplistic in Kymlicka’s view and I agree. One cannot say that love and the need for justice are exclusively separate ideals. Consider the following example a man’s wife, whom he loves very much, has a deadly disease and there is a very expensive treatment available that would cure her, but they cannot afford this treatment. Upon exhausting all of his individual options for acquiring treatment, he concludes that the only way to get it for her is to steal it. Upon committing this crime, effective justice would intervene and punish him, likely imprisoning him and causing his wife’s life to end. Permitting the

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