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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine green policies of General Electric and three public companies and conduct a comparison and contrast analysis of the policies. Also, the writer will discusses each company’s environmental policies and environmental activities as reported by the organization’s 10-K public annual reports.
Environment Policies of General Electric General Electric current environment policies consist of wind, solar, carbon mitigation, transportation, water, GHG emissions and energy efficiency. Wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the world and GE has 12,000 wind turbines in operation around the world. GE objective is become the lead designer of the next generation of wind technology that
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The company is dedicated in reducing GHG emissions and energy efficiency by the end of 2012 (General Electric, 2012).
GE Environmental Activities According to GE’s (2012) annual 10-K report from 2011 the company is involved in numerous remediation actions to aid with the clean-up of hazardous wastes as required by law. As a part of the remediation actions GE has dedicates funds to support the clean-up of hazardous waste. In 2006 GE entered into a consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to dredge PBC from the Hudson River. The consent decree allows GE to upgrade the Hudson River wastewater processing facility, in order, to reduce emissions and optimize odor control (General Electric, 2012).
Environment Policies of McDonald’s Corporation The McDonald’s corporation has numerous environment policies which arrange from sustainable packaging design to green building. The company sustainable packaging design focus on reducing the impact of packaging and improving waste management practices. McDonald’s green building policies is to find innovation and creative ways to reduce energy and water use in equipment and operations and to incorporate green decor options in restaurants. The company strives to continue improving and enhancing strict building standard to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification around the world. Also, McDonald’s continues environmental practices that will

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