Comparing the Eras: Puritan vs Present Essay

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Comparing the Eras: Puritan vs Present

In the Bible I follow it is said that Jesus is Mother Mary’s adored son, “Flesh of my flesh and Blood of my blood,” and in fact any child is a being created by the bond between the parents, flesh of their flesh and blood of their blood. Whether a child was born during the Puritan era, or born as of yesterday, the birth of the child would remain unchanged, but what is not evident is whether there is any similarity in the upbringing of a child between the two different eras. When studying the Puritan era and the life of a Puritan child, and comparing it to the way I was raised, and the way I raise my children, I began to wonder which of the two eras would be the most favorable.
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The daily life of a Puritan child may have been much more difficult than the life of a child today. By the teen years of a Puritan boy, he was no longer living at home. He lived with guidance from someone other than his parents as he prepared to become emancipated from his parents, and even though the boy’s master lived within close proximity the boy was still placed with his master to complete his journey into manhood. Although most teenage boys of today are not thinking of their future jobs, most are attending middle school or high school to become educated and help broaden their mind, meanwhile still living at home with loved ones, and being raised by their own parents. Most of the girls of the Puritan era lived their childhood lives being trained at a very young age of five. Most little Puritan girls were being taught household tasks because there was an expectation placed upon female Puritans that they all would to grow to be mothers and wives while five year old girls of today are playing, and learning how to read and write. Because the Puritan children, both male and female, were expected to live out their childhood as adults in training, they suffered the loss of a priceless thing —their youth. Most of the children of today are encouraged to enjoy, and explore, all aspects of life.

During the Puritan days the option to choose what one wanted to be when one grew up was restricted whereas most children now-a-days seem

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