Comparing The Old Nurses Story by Elizabeth Gaskell and Lost Hearts by M.R. James

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Comparing The Old Nurses Story by Elizabeth Gaskell and Lost Hearts by M.R. James

'The Old Nurses Story' by Elizabeth Gaskell and 'Lost Hearts' by M.R. James are both 19th century mystery stories, so naturally they have similarities due to them both having the same genre but there are some ways in which the stories differ.

'Lost Hearts' is about a young girl called Rosamond aged about 4 or 5 who is orphaned and so has to go and live with her elderly Aunt, Miss Furnivall at Furnivall Manor. One evening the nurse left Rosamond with Miss Furnivall when she went to church. When the nurse returned she couldn't find her, the nurse followed some footsteps in the snow and found Rosamond in the arms of a
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The housekeeper tells Stephen that Mr. Abney has taken in to other children before but both strangely disappeared. One night Stephen had a dream where he was in a disused bathroom where he thought he saw a figure lying in a bath. Mr. Abney frequently reminded Stephen that the spring equinox was approaching and that it was a critical time for the young. One day Stephen woke to find his nightgown was ripped like a wild animal had clawed down it. There were similar marks to his door. Not long later on March 24th Stephen is asked to go and see Mr. Abney in his study at 11 o' clock. While Stephen was waiting to go and see his cousin, he heard cries. He looked out the window and saw two ghostly figures. Stephen tried to open the door of the study. Eventually it yielded. Stephen looked around he found a sort of diary and he read it. It told him that Mr. Abney had killed the two other children who had 'disappeared' and that he was planning to kill him that night. Mr. Abney wanted to take his heart to add to the other hearts to gain supernatural powers. Mr. Abney couldn't though as Gevanny and Phoebe had come back for revenge and killed him.

The theme between the two stories have a lot of similarities. They both include a main character who is orphaned go and live in an unknown relatives house. Both Rosamond and Stephen have a close relationship to the servants in the

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