Comparison of The Red Room and Farthing House Essay

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Comparison of The Red Room and Farthing House 'The Red Room' and 'Farthing House' are both ghost stories and fit into the Gothic mysteries. Red Room and Farthing House are written by different authors, at different times. Farthing House was written in the 20th centaury and uses more modern language. Red Room was written in the 19th centaury when it was the fashion of Gothic stories. Red Room is also set I n the Victorian times. In this essay I will be comparing how the writers build up suspense in their stories.

'The Red Room' begins straight into the story in contrast with Farthing house, which begins
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Everything in the castle cannot be seen with the candlelight's. as the man starts going up the spiral staircase his imagination takes over. He sees shadows weep up against him as he climbs the spiral staircase. This is the first sighting of anything 'unusual, and builds up a lot of suspense. Once inside the red room the man starts exploring it. The old fashioned furniture in the room makes the man lose his confidence. He again starts to remember the story of the dead duke, how he had 'fallen headlong down the steps' and lost his life. This makes him even more nervous and scared. He tries to calm himself down.

Moving onto Farthing house, this story is set in an olds' people home. It may not have a typical background to a ghost story but is still very successful in creating tension and suspense. Tension is created already knowing that the house stands alone in the countryside. There are no other houses of buildings, no other source of 'life' except this building. A house standing alone in the middle of nowhere seems quite frightening and with the potential for suspense. When the woman gets to farthing the atmosphere is very lively and happy. After when she is told that she has to stay in the Cedar room she feels anxious and uneasy. This builds up suspense for the reader. Later in the evening she hears cries of a baby but there are no babies in Farthing House this builds

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