Compassionate Murder Essay

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“The Secret Adversary” is another brilliant detective fiction done by Agatha Christie. In this story, the two main characters Tuppence and Tommy discover a malevolent gang that is secretly controlled by a person who lives under the name Mr. Brown. This gang is in search of a treaty that can create a great scandal for England. In order to destroy their evil plot, Tuppence and Tommy soon go on a hunt for a girl name Jane Finn, who is believed to know where the treaty is hidden. During their adventure of sleuthing, they make a strong alliance with Jane’s cousin Julius Hersheimmer, American ambassador Mr. Carter and the famous lawyer Sir James Edgerton. However, Tuppence and Tommy still encounter many obstacles and life-threatening situations …show more content…
She also is a typical girl who tends to be quite extravagant to enjoy a glamorous lifestyle. When she earns her first five pounds, she spends it on the finest and most expensive restaurant for celebration and rest of it on new outerwear without any proper financial plans (18). However, in the initial of ongoing search of Jane, Tuppence meets the American ambassador Mr. Carter. She gains much knowledge from his about the essentiality of treating this adventure with serious attitudes and extra cares (32). After that, there is a clear change of her in putting careful management of her expenses and only once went on shopping for cheap clothing for disguise (35 and 66). Even when American millionaire Julius Hersheimmer proposes to Tuppence, she “shook her head violently” and rejects his offer (125). Through this adventure, Tuppence has a new belief. She believes that money isn’t everything in life.
As for Tommy, he is created as a boy with quite an outgoing personality but is the passive one in making decision due to lacking of confidence. At the first scene in the restaurant, Tommy doubts his own ability by saying “What good am I?” (6). And for many chapters thereafter, Tuppence is always the one that bursts out an idea then later on Tommy replies her with a nod. Tuppence ticks off Tommy’s passive attitude sometimes as well by stating “it

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