Conflict, Love and Hope in Donovan's Short Story "All That Glisters"

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“All that glisters” by Anne Donovan includes tragic, moving and emotional scenes throughout the short story. Anne Donovan has used effective Glasgow dialect. Donovan introduces the protagonist Clare by the use characterisation, as a young and sincere girl who goes through a sad experience and who is initially in denial about her father’s looming death. Clare’s belief of glitter giving life to her father breaks apart which leads to a massive change in her personality. The reader sees Clare develop in to a more mature girl, yet a turning point occurs when she makes a controversial decision to wear red on her father’s funeral. Donovan’s theme of relationship between Clare and the characters changes throughout the short story, involving …show more content…
Clare focuses on the positive aspect of the relationship between her and her father, and leaves the unwanted truth behind:

“The imprint of ma finger left sparkly wee trails a light.
He smiled, a waverly wee smile
Aye, hen. Subtle.”

Donovan clarifies Clare giving a colourful life by adding glitter to his weak and hopeless hands. Clare’s character turns to more mature and civil, after the death of her loving father. Her speech turns to more sensible than before. Clare had to make sacrifices just to buy the glitter pens and make a nice card for her very ill father thus the main incident of the short story takes places:

“Ah couldnae bare the fact we’d never said goodbye...”

This reveals the love that she had in her relationship with her father. Her love to her father is astonishing as Donovan expresses Clare’s love in a very loving and caring manner yet in immature way. Even though her father no longer lives she still had this adulation inside her for her caring father. Donovan has shown Clare’s mum not too supportive towards Clare however her presence is rarely shown within the short story. This reveals Clare as a parent at this point.

Clare’s excitement and her cheerful, happy mood change her to sorrowful and disturbed girl which finally leads to a massive conflict with her unsympathetic and cold aunt who always follows

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