Conflicting Perspectives Essay

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Conflicting perspectives involve the extent to which an individual’s level of moral and literal interpretation shape their understanding and establish their viewpoint. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar explores a range of polarised perceptions that bring about conflicts born from these differences. Shakespeare’s textual form appears to be deliberately ambiguous, and his skilful use of dramatic techniques leave the audience undecided on the opposing personalities portrayed throughout the play. Christopher Nolan’s intriguing film, Batman: The Dark Knight also has polarised viewpoints but unlike Shakespeare’s ambiguity his characters are definitive.
William Shakespeare evokes conflicting viewpoints structuring a portrayal of Brutus and Cassius’
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In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the prevalent conflicting perspectives similar to that of Brutus in Julius Caesar are embodied within Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent’s conflict is metaphorically portrayed through his ironic nickname “Two Face” along with his vivid appearance that is reflective of the opposing ideals; justice or revenge. Characterised through allusion as “Gotham’s white knight,” he’s identified as the honourable and ethical District Attorney. However, after a near fatal accident his “enthusiasm for justice” becomes juxtaposed against his thirst for revenge evoking Joker’s target that “even someone as good as {Dent} could fall.” His duality is vividly portrayed by Nolan whilst on his death bed, where Batman carefully places the deformed side of his face over towards the normal side which directly parallels Brutus’ strife. The unequivocally evil Joker manipulates the heroes of Batman and Harvey Dent who must challenge their responsibility and position as “protector of Gotham city” in a similar fashion to that of Cassius’ motivation. As “all it takes is a little push,” and the Joker “took Gotham’s white knight

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