Consequence of the Disappearance of Honey Bees in America Essay

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Beginning in 2006, United State started to have a shocking news of huge numbers disappearance of honey bees. Colony Collapse Disorder Preliminary Report by Diana Cox-Foster and Dennis vanEngelsdorp (2006) was mentioned, A beekeeper in Pennsylvania Dave Hackenberg is the first beekeeper reported the disappearance of honey bees phenomenon to entomologists. In an usual autumn day, Hackenbery check his bee’s hive in beehive as usual, he was surprised to find that only queen bee and young worker bees still alive, others all dead. Even more surprised him, he look around and tried to find out the dead body of bee, but he cannot find any of dead body, all of that just disappear. As more and more countries across the world apear this …show more content…

Figure 1 (U.S. Department of Agriculture; AP roger A. Morse and Nicholas W. Calderone, Cornell University) Honey bees is a very important specie in the world actually. The history of human use honey can be traced back to million years ago. Getting honey is not a easy work, every worker bee need to visit hundreds of flowers to collect only 40mg to 50mg of honey. Some people might only know about Honey bees produce honey, but Honey bees play a very importance role in our daily life, it also responsible a more important task. According to the U.S. the Department of Agriculture reported above 1/3 crops such as apples, nuts, beans, peach, berry, pears need to be pollinated to grow, while 80% of the work fell on honey bee. Thus it can been see, the disappearance of honey may bring a very terrible consequence to our environmental and even human beings.

There is a big effect of United State that 1/4 of honey bees disappear Suddenly. And this situation keep effecting the world environment. Honey bees carry pollen from flower to flower every day while they collecting the honey. They help plants to bear the fruit and complete reproduction. Of course, there are lots of other insects are doing this work, even wind and water, but for the most of plants, honey bee is the only spreader. As I mention before, lots of Crops in the world are dependent on bees spread pollen to breed the next generation. Therefore, along

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