Contradictory Nature in Accounts of Witches, Demons, and Devils Between 1450 and 1800

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The account of witches or magic during the early modern Europe and America, the period between 1450 and 1800 was the most inconsistent and contradictory simply its aspects were least understood. Surprisingly, most of the accusations and prosecution were directed to women in both Europe and America (New World at the time). The accounts of this witches were also contradictory based on the period in which they were being performed. It was the age when the intellectuals were rising with many innovations and discoveries done by scientists such as Isaac Newton, John Locke, writers, philosophers among others . On the other hand, people believed in the powers of witches and demons even in this wake of intellectual capacity.
Why Witches/Demons/
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Some individuals believed that nature should be separated from God something that lead to creation of supernatural powers that were related to diabolism . This introduced contrast among individuals who were torn between what was divine and demonic. Therefore, the belief that magicians were able to give instant results to their problems, some opted to go to magicians or witches to seek solution to their problems. This was also a major factor that fostered the growth of witches or magicians during this era.
Witchcraft or demons made people to develop a genuine belief that they could extract revenge or cause harm to individuals through the use supernatural powers. What is more amazing is that despite the massive campaign to hunt and prosecute witches, people were still involved in the vice. Effects of witchcraft were evident in all aspects of life; social, religious and political spheres. The vice was so entrenched within the society such that people even in leadership suspected each other of practising diabolism. For instance, George Fox, a leader of Quakers was said to be a sorcerer. In one instance, he is said to have bewitched a women by giving her a bracelet. In fact, Fox had a contrary opinion with other people; what people termed witches, he believed that it was a miraculous act through God’s divine providence. This aspects made witchcraft very prominent and continue to gain momentum in the society. On the same, this made

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