Crazy like U by Ethan Watters Essay

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Crazy Like Us is a book written by Ethan Watters. Through this book, Ethan explores the spread of anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. Through case studies, the author explains the causes, and symptoms of Anorexia in Hong Kong, depression in Japan, post-traumatic stress disorder in Sri Lanka, and how Schizophrenia came to Zanzibar. Moreover, he explains how these disorders are prevalent in the Eastern nations due to the American influence. In addition, Ethan Watters outlines the implications of the American influence, and the urgent need to treat these illnesses in a culturally suitable framework. Ethan states that American influence changes a lot the way many nations view these disorders, and the …show more content…
According to Dr. Lee, the type of anorexia in Hong Kong was triggered by an adolescent being separated from the boyfriend, and the fear of gaining weight and this makes them not to feel hungry. Moreover, the adolescents Dr. Lee treated confessed to him that they experienced stomach upsets, blockage and fullness and so, this prevented them from eating because they did not feel hungry any more. Dr, Lee treated a number of them and all they wished for was to regain their normal weight. Dr. Lee through his research decided to find out about anorexia on his own, and he created it on himself. He did exactly what his patients had explained to him, not eating and wanting to loose weight and his hunger became easy to ignore. In his research by creating his own anorexia, Dr. Lee found out that, Anorexia in Hong Kong being spread by the western culture, and the women created the diseases on their own so as to embrace the current western culture. In addition, each woman with anorexia had her personal reasons for not eating and so, they were the causes of their own anorexia. Consequently, as many women began to starve themselves with reasons better known to them, the disorder spread all over Hong Kong and the media and reporters began to look for the description of the disease from western experts. According to Dr. Lee, the more the number of women suffering from anorexia increased, the more the media gave attention to the subject thus attracting

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