Essay on Criminal Courtroom Visit

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Criminal courtroom visit The courtroom is a place where cases are heard and deliberated as evidence is produced to prove whether the accused person is innocent or guilty. Different courtroom varies depending on the hierarchy and the type of cases, they deliberate upon in the courtroom. In the United States, the courts are closely interlinked through a hierarchical system at either the state or the federal level. Therefore, the court must have jurisdiction before it takes upon a case, deliberate, and come up with a judgment on it. The criminal case is different from the civil cases, especially when it comes to the court layout. In this essay, I will explain how I experienced a courtroom visit and the important issues are learnt from the …show more content…
Two types of lawyers are involved in dealing with criminal matters there are the barristers and solicitors. The parties to the case are the prosecution who brings the case against the defendant. The prosecution side is represented by the state counsel also known as the crown prosecutor. The defense is the side of the person who has been charged with a criminal offense and is referred to as the accused person. The court allows the accused person to be presented by a lawyer, as it is a constitutional right. However, the accused person may decide to represent her or himself depending on the circumstances of the case. After the judge entered the courtroom, we all stood up and sat down after him as a sign of respect. Then the judge's associate called the first case, which was a misdemeanor by the accused person. The crown prosecutor read the charges that were against, and she was asked what she pleaded. She pleaded guilty to a drunken driving and was given community service for a whole week. The next case was on a murder case, where the accused persons were charged with murdering their friend in the house where the three had rented. The case had already started and was in progress. However, I was lucky because I got to the case before all evidence was produced in court, and I got to know how evidence and exhibits are produced in court. Before the prosecution begins to produce any evidence

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