Essay about Criminology, John Widemans Bro

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One child grows up to be somebody who just loves to learn.
And the other child grows up to be somebody who just loves to burn
An excerpt of this poem paints a picture of two brothers, John and Robert Wideman, leading different lives. Robert Wideman, embraced a path common for black men during that era; a life of crime, glamour, and drugs. Quietly sitting in jail, he reminisces deeply about his troubled past and the consequences of the future that now haunts him. John, on the other hand, chose the path less taken by those living in the same world as he did and in due time become a successful professor at a University. How did two people from the same origin, living in similar environments, and raised by a caring family choose such
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Inversion of values is practically portraying what society views as socially acceptable, unacceptable. A great example explaining this inversion of values is captured during a school strike. Robert recaptures the greatest moment of his life when he took over the school. Through his eyes, “[i]t was the white man’s world and wasn’t no way round it or over it or under it ... so I kept on cutting classes and fucking up and doing my militant thing every chance I got.'; (114). It seems that Robert felt frustrated living in such an oppressed environment. He once believed that prosperity can be achievable but somehow his belief in what society has taught him relating to success is wrong. Through this belief, Robert maintains a violent life.
     Other variables such as family, the community, and opportunities for success play a critical role in shaping the behavior of adolescence according to Cloward and Ohlin. There were lost opportunities when Robert’s family decided to move back to Homewood from Shadyside. A good education in a community that cared for the student was stripped from Robert’s grasp. Robert was never able to attend the school that his older brother had previous graduated from. Now living within the boundaries of the poor community, Robert is exposed to violence and the

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