Essay about Culture is a Gift to Humans

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Anthropology shows culture to us as a gift to human beings because without culture we would not exist. As described in our first reading culture is observational. As a result, anthropologists study ethnographic fieldwork. “Whether in a jungle village in Peru or on the streets on New York, anthropologists go to where people live and ‘does fieldwork.’ ” This means participating in activities and asking questions, eating strange foods, interviewing informants, and learning a new language. Above all, anthropologists are observers of culture.
Individuals are created biologically and while persons are created by social society. Anthropologists firmly believe that human existence is dependent on culture because culture shapes the social roles
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The study of culture teaches us that we are all categorized and live in a sort of order. The western world tries to progress forward aiming to be the most powerful. Ultimately all people share some universals such as an attachment to their traditions, similar emotions, and gestures like crying, laughing, and nodding your head. They may be expressed differently then others, but these similarities unite us while culture points out how different we really can be.
Section 2: Separate Societies From the beginning of United States history, George Washington (democrat/federalist), the first president, believed that “the wealthy and well educated should lead the nation”. He supported a strong central government supporting the poor. Washington and other federalist had an emphasis on manufacturing shipping and trade to create jobs for Americans. On the other hand, people like Thomas Jefferson reinforced the rich. Republicans have a strict interpretation of the constitution because they wanted to protect their individual rights of being a free country with an open market in order to keep their cash flow going.
Reflecting back to the course readings, poverty is a great factor across America. It is increasing in staggering rates. Today over 10% of our population is unemployed due to being fired. To put it differently, this is “Poverty as Incident or Accident”. These people didn’t know they would ever be fired and are now part of poverty. We are in a

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