Essay on Dance Around the World

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Dance Around the World

Dance serves as an exposure of expression throughout the world depending on its cultural context and function of either producing a work of art, a way of socializing or its use for ritualistic purposes. Bollywood, one of the most famous styles of cultural dance, in essence is an Indian film dance style modeled on both the traditional Indian classical and folk dance while fusing inspiration from more modern styles, allows the performer to act out the lyrics of a song, fashioning a story. The wild world of African dance on the other hand, represents the fundamentals and belief system of historical Africa, by moving in an expression to their inner feelings. Although these styles of dance may seem to be at either end of
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By “holding a mirror to humanity” (Doris Humphrey) each dance often forms a reflection, on not only the culture but also the communities hierarchical nature. Consequently, by incorporating the community’s way of life within the theme of connection and community, the African dance style allows one to communicate meaning via social express.

An example of a traditional African dance that brings a community together while still maintaining the cultural context is the Adzogbo. The men prior to the departure to enter into combat originally performed this ancestral war dance, indicating strength, grace and agility of African warriors. In order to incorporate the theme of community while still maintaining a strong cultural meaning, this dance is still performed in the same manner, only by men travelling in a circle with movements that resemble scenes of a battlefield (such as throwing a spear). Each locomotor movement, especially stamping, jumping and sliding, is emphasized due to the fast, strong and sharp dynamics that formulate angular lines and contrasting shapes (Youtube, 2012). Furthermore movements such as gesturing and expanding the body, in combination with wearing red, effectively symbolizes going to war. Additionally, in order to bring the sense of connection within the community into the performance, the entire population of the African tribe would

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