Death of Hamzah Khan Essay

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I am going to critically review a newspaper article on the death of Hamzah Khan from Bradford. I will discuss the main findings the research methodology and the way in which it may or may not be useful in the contribution to our understanding of child welfare. I will also include information on child abuse and on the different agencies. The newspaper article is called Hamzah Khan: the harrowing story of an 'invisible' child. (Pidd, 2013)

The article is about a four years old boy who was starved to death by his mother and was left in his cot for two years. She was found accountable for killing him and was given 12 years for killing him and three years for child cruelty, as shown in the (Pidd,2013) newspaper article.

A key point is how
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The strength of the child protection plan is that children will be kept an eye on if their parent or carer are still abusing them. If they are then further action will be taken by the multi-agency who are working in that area.

Although, the weakness is that the contribution of the multi-agency in the case of Hamzah seem that they were less involved. As they all knew that something was wrong if they all worked together and took action then, Hamzah would have been alive today. Even after the death of Baby P the social services did not do a lot to prevent the death of Hamzah, they were not putting much effort into his case.

The multi-agency working did not investigate to a good level and find out why the child was not taken to the GP, as well as when a baby born the health visitor comes home and the child is taken to health clinic to get vaccination done, and regular check-ups. Hamzah was registered with his GP in 2006 when he was 15 months, the surgery took Hamzah name off the list in 2009 because of frequently missed appointments. (Pidd, 2013)
From this information we can interpretate that the social services were not doing a good job. This is a weakness to child welfare as a child was taken off the

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