Delaying Childbearing: Why it is Important to Have Children While in College

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Like many other women, I was raised in a family that repetitively told me that I needed to finish school before thinking about getting married, and definitely before having kids. This made sense when I became an adult, why not put all my focus into my schooling. Yet, for me that would mean that I would be in my early thirties when I finished school. This has become the norm for women to marry and have children in there 30s, then in years past, where they were in their early to mid-twenties. After completing my first bachelor’s degree, I got engaged; I was in a perfect place, and I was not going to hold off just so I could finish school. Now that I have been married for two years, successfully working and going to school, starting a family …show more content…
It is understandable that one would want to be established, and financial stable before bringing a child in today’s world; it is not cheap to have a child let alone raise a child. Unfortunately, evolution has not kept up with our changing world because there is time frame when women are highly likely, and at optimal health to bear children. Research has shown that women’s fertility starts to decreases between the ages of 31-35. (Balasch and Gratacós 266). This is the prime time that women, if they choose, to start their families; yet evidence shows this is not when women should be starting, but coming close, biologically, to not being able to conceive.
Many women choosing to delay childbirth, as I had planned, are continuing their education beyond a two, and even a four-year degree. Going into graduate school has become common, and necessary, for many top careers that women want to be a part of. I want to obtain the highest degree possible in my field, which is a doctorate, but I once was on the path to go to medical school. As I matured, and realized that I was not getting any younger, I needed to reevaluate my situation. Having a family was a priority for my husband and I. Going through the grueling processes of medical school, followed by four years of an internship and residency was not something I was

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