Descartes and New Science Essay

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Descartes and New Science

The new view of the world comes from new developments in the sciences. The new views and developments contradicted some of the most fundamental ideas that were held in the world at the time. The philosophers associated with this new view of the world are Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, Locke, etc. Copernicus tried to resolve the problems of the motions of the planets by placing the sun as the center of the earth. He did make it simpler however, it wasn’t until Newton who cleaned it up and answered some of the key questions that riddled the Copernican theory. Math became one of the fundamental properties of the world. Math was considered to be the most certain and to be the foundation of
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He makes this conclusion because of the new finding and contradictions from other philosophers as Galileo, Kepler, etc. Thus, the other sciences that are derived from philosophy are also built on unsteady foundation. The proper task of philosophy is to start fresh with a new science. Philosophy has to be built on a solid foundation. There can’t be disputes about the legitimacy of the philosophy and the arguments that it makes. Thus, the first thing the Descartes does is to create a new metaphysics. If he basis his new metaphysics on certainty than everything being derived from it, if it is made with valid and sound argument, will also be on solid foundation.
Descartes starts out by throwing out every belief that he has. This is a difficult task but Descartes wants us to have no belief about anything, just a clear head. He wants to take a skeptical approach by doubting things and rebuilding on a sure foundation instead of just listing his new metaphysics out. This allows the reader to actually think about the arguments that he makes form not believing or believing them. First, Descartes argues for us to doubt our senses. In the Illusion and Dream arguments, he does this by asking are you Dream or are you awake. If you don’t know that you are awake or asleep, then how can you know that what you see is in a dream or what you are actually looking at. He simply does this by making you doubt the fact that you are awake. If you

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