Dialogue Essay: Flakey and Elizabeth

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Together Ting, with Flakey and Elizabeth released 150 Sounds from their various miserable, lonely existances.

'I don't think there are any more Sounds here in Middleseton Town,' Flakey sighed, his disappointment rose as his hope sank, 'we've searched every possible avenue, three times.'

Elizabeth returned. 'We've all been out looking. I looked in every house, along every water crushed street. George, who was discovered by Flakey in the safe at Middleseton's Mound Bank led a team to check what remains of the sports arena and library, . Alice, found in the same crushed building as George, but on a higher floor and Doris explored the pile of rubble where the bandstand and the hospital once did sterling work for the thriving Middleseton
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The snowflakes touched their little noses, they landed on the palms of their gloves and melted on warm smiles. The musicians played fast to keep all their fingers warm. Afterwards they shared hot drinks, hotter pies and talked about music with the parents and the teachers.'

Elizabeth snuggled up to Flakey, 'maybe we'll see those days again, you never know.'

'With 150 Sounds!' Flakey jumped to his feet. 'How many instruments will that fill?'

'Not many, but it's a lot more than we had before you and Ting started your wonderful effort to save us.' Elizabeth pulled her hero back to sit next to her. 'Let's go find more missing Sounds, enough to give an orchestra something to play with.'

'Do you mean to go where we've never been?' Flakey asked. Hope, the false friend or the potential for good, removed a small part of his disappointment. 'How could it be possible for our friends to reach those distances? How do we?'

Ting sat down next his timid friend. 'I think some might have been transported to the farm lands by the floodwater or to the east where the chimney's stand.' Ting kicked his feet in the putrid water. 'I can't go back to the safe place unless I've checked every possiblity. I've got to be satisfied I done all I can to bring them back. Once that door closes it's closed for good.'

'Do you remember that water tank we looked inside?' Elizabeth asked, 'the one with long legs and the ladders outside and in.'

'Yes, I've been thinking

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