Does Spanking Send The Wrong Message? Essay

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While many adults would argue that hitting people is wrong, spanking children continues to be used as an acceptable form of discipline. Many parents think spanking will teach children not to do things that are forbidden, stop them quickly when they are being irritating, and encourage them to do what they should. So what do children learn from being spanked? The hitting itself doesn’t teach them anything. How contradictory is it for you to say that your child cannot hit or hurt anyone else—but that you can hurt him whenever you think it's appropriate? Will your toddler pick up a moral lesson here? Spanking may be ineffective because it does not teach an alternative behavior.
It is safe to say that spanking clearly sends the wrong
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It is important to stay in control of the situation. Children usually feel resentful, humiliated, and helpless after being spanked. Most of all, children are left feeling angry; the only lesson they learn from spanking is to try harder not to get caught next time. They perceive punishment as unfair because they do not see it from the parents view. Although we don’t expect them to think like their parents, it is more important that the lesson is learned when it’s all over. Punishment interferes with the bond between parent and child. It is not human nature to feel loving toward someone who hurts us. Parents frequently spank (or yell) in desperation because they feel their it is their only option, but consequently feel more powerless when they discover it doesn’t work. It becomes a lose-lose situation. The relationship becomes damaged from the distance it can cause. For parents that frequently resort to spanking, it becomes hard for their children to love the hand that hits them. Fear is not an effective method of teaching acceptable behavior. Fear can lead kids to obey only when the person who strikes them is near by. As a parent, and also an authority figure, you are trusted and respected-- but should not feared. The only truly effective way to bring about praiseworthy behavior is based on strong inner values, instead of superficially "good" behavior that is based only on being afraid. You are

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