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Donald Trump
Donald Trump is not only one of the world’s richest men, but one of its most recognizable. Despite a privileged upbringing, he did not inherit anything, and went on to fame and fortune thanks to his business accomplishments and natural instincts.
     Donald Trump, born in June, 14 1946, in Queens, New York, is the fourth of five children of Frederick C. and Mary Macleod Trump (Mortiz, 1987, p.23). His father was a builder and real estate developer who specialized in constructing and operating middle-inome apartments in the Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Donald was a round, fleshy baby, filled with energy (Tuccille, 1986, p.34). He was a bright kid who did well in most of his subjects, but he
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     While Donald was coasting through his courses that he could have taught himself, Fred, his father encountered some trouble at home. This one involved the first project to hold the Trump name, Trump Village in Brooklyn (Barrett, 1992, p.22). The towers were built over a span of several years through 90% of government funding. E. Silverman, a state auditor testified before the New York State Investigation Commission for Fred Trump receiving more profit than the law in titled to him (Barrett, 1992, p.29). The incident provided Donald with far more practical education than any college could offer. To pratice, while still in college he bought and renovated several properties in Philadelphia during his undergraduate years. The experience he felt from that was more value to him than sitting in classroom listening to his professors. He continued to work with his father during the summers and helped him with a number of deals. He was also planning projects far more adventurous than anything his father had built. Donald graduated from Wharton University in May 1968 (Barrett, 1992, p.30)
     Trump’s first job after joining the Trump organization was to take a careful look at his father’s books. He found out that the houses and apartment building’s Fred put up could be refinanced to free up tens of millions of dollars. He convinced his father that the

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