Doom of the Weimar Republic Essay

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Doom of the Weimar Republic

The Weimar Republic was born in the aftermath of the First World War. The creators of the Republic were blamed, ridiculed and labelled for the defeat of Germany during World War One and for accepting the crippling terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Weimar Germany was to have a short, turbulent history. Less than three months after the end of World War One, on the 19th January 1919, 30 millions Germans voted -in three parties, the Social Democrats, the Centre party and the Democrats as the new parliament. They met in Weimar, south Germany, because of the fighting in Berlin, and their first action was to elect Friedrich Ebert as President of Germany.

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As the war had ended not long ago, most Germans were living in poor conditions and there were big shortages of food; people were living on as little as 1000 calories a day, which was starvation level. Ebert made plans to bring in more food and improve conditions. Things did not go as smoothly, however, as the government wanted it to. As Germany had surrendered to the allies of Britain, France and the USA, it was up to them as to what Germany had to do in terms of reparations. The allies made them sign the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty made Germany admit it was their fault for the war, which made Germany feel a lot of resent. Things did not stop there though. They were ordered to pay 6.6 Billon pounds in reparations. Also tens of thousands of square miles of land were taken away from them, e.g. Alsace Loraine was given to France and Eupen Malmedy was given to Belgium and all their colonies were taken off them. This caused economic problems, as Germany could not afford to pay these fines. It also caused a massive public outcry, as the public could not understand why they had signed such a harsh treaty, when they believed they could have carried on and won. They said that the soldiers had been 'stabbed in the back´ and deserved better. After the initial highs of the new government, things started to go downhill. This was because of the

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