Essay about Dwarfism

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Although people are different in many ways, few differences are more obvious than dwarfism. Because dwarfism is relatively rare, not many worry about unprejudiced treatment of dwarfs.But dwarfs deal with the same issues as “normal” people, while also trying to overcome the problems posed by their abnormally small height. The novel Stones from the River makes us aware of these problems and raises questions:What is dwarfism?And how do dwarfs feel about their conditions? And how does people’s treatment of dwarfs affect their outlook on society in general?

“Dwarfism” is a term used to describe the condition of those whose bodies are significantly smaller than the average person’s.A dwarf may suffer from medical problems, which
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In some cases dwarfism can be treated through extensive surgeries and many months of physical therapy.However, there are some cases for which no surgery is available for them to walk freely without the aid of crutches, or even worse, a wheelchair.Correction of many physical abnormalities may be difficult, but in the long run, says one website, “correction and prevention…provides the physical ability to pursue such goals as college and choosing a career path” while also giving each dwarf the freedom to be independent from family ( many amazing reconstructive breakthroughs in science that were designed for dwarfs, the majority of dwarfs’ conditions is not preventable and cannot be treated.One woman with dwarfism, Ruth Ricker, commented on the Human Genome Project:“People with disabilities

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