E-Marketing Environment in Present Scenario Essay

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*Mr. Prashant Sharma (A.P, Mgt.Deptt. DIMS, Meerut.)
*Dr.Gaurav Kaushik (HOD, Mgt.Deptt, DIMS, Meerut.)


E- marketing is popular nowadays worldwide. Through the help of Internet companies interested in selling goods and services can easily penetrate into the homes and offices of prospective buyers. Companies can measure their marketing related statistics easily and relatively inexpensively. Certain drawbacks such as information security related issues are of prime concern. Online banking is on constant rise Online advertising techniques have been dramatically affected by technological advancements in the telecommunications industry. In fact, many
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"On- and Off-line" marketers typically segment their markets according to age group, gender, geography, and other general factors. Marketers have the luxury of targeting by activity and geolocation. For example, a kayak company can post advertisements on kayaking and canoeing websites with the full knowledge that the audience has a related interest.
Internet marketing differs from magazine advertisements, where the goal is to appeal to the projected demographic of the periodical, but rather the advertiser has knowledge of the target audience—people who engage in certain activities (e.g., uploading pictures, contributing to blogs)— so the company does not rely on the expectation that a certain group of people will be interested in its new product or service.
Geo targeting
Geo targeting (in internet marketing) and geo marketing are the methods of determining the geolocation (the physical location) of a website visitor with geolocation software, and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP or other criteria.
Different content by choice
A typical example for different content by choice in geo targeting is the FedEx website at FedEx.com

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