Essay about Edward Zigler and Howard Gardner

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In pursuit of the education and experience that will lead us to our chosen profession, it is important, if not vital, that we carefully choose a path that will take us where we want to go. As we journey down this path, we will most likely encounter obstacles or opportunities that will take us in different directions, possibly leaving us at the end of the trail in a place quite different from that which we set out for. Like us, both Edward Zigler and Howard Gardner set out on career paths that ended in much different places than those they anticipated, both for very different reasons.
Edward Zigler initially wanted to pursue a career in a purely scientific field, preferably in a laboratory or in actual fieldwork. He reluctantly joined the
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They continuously degraded him and his work because they felt he had done nothing more than sell out to the bureaucracy, a world that he had neither chosen to be in nor wanted. Edward Zigler was simply caught between these two worlds, administrative and scientific, an altruistic man who left his preferred path and learned to use both worlds to benefit many.
Howard Gardner’s chosen path was very different from Zigler’s. Like Zigler, Gardner started down his path with a personal preference or springboard that would connect his strong feelings for the creative and artistic world to the world of psychology. The twists and turns he took were of his own choosing. Where Zigler continuously asked the questions “how can I apply what I know to this program, who will this help, what can make this work better, and how much has this helped, Gardner went in search of pure knowledge “to pursue nature of creation, particularly in the arts” (Gardner 2003) and connect it with human development. As a result of his extensive research, he was able to introduce as focal points the ability of the mind to centrally process “artistic and creative thought” (Gardner, 2003). Gardner was no stranger to resistance, however He stated that “(his) “initial attempts to publish

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