Essay about Effect of Fertilizer on the Wisconsin Fast Plants

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For years farmers have been adding natural fertilizers to their crops. It is a big risk though. Over fertilizing is very dangerous. It puts high concentrations of salt into the soil. It can also affect the water resources nearby. Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium are the basics of fertilizer. If a certain nutrient is short in supply the fertilizer might not work as well. Calcium, iron, manganese are also nutrients that might be needed. So don’t just trust the fertilizer bag that says it has all the nutrients, test it out. (Miller and Levine 717) Wisconsin fast plants come from the Cruciferae plant family. They tend to have shorter life cycles. It took years of Dr. Williams breeding these plants to get it right, but now the 6 month life …show more content…
We learned that if you do not mix it correctly, it will not work correctly. When you are looking for a fertilizer, usually there are 3 series of numbers that consist of what the mix is made of. The first number in the sequence is the amount of Nitrogen. The second is the amount of phosphate and the third is the amount of potassium. Wisconsin fast plants are very good testing plants because of their short life cycle. You can get through the whole experiment in just a couple of weeks. The plants on this earth provide us with many essential objects. Oxygen is the most important on that list. Oxy gen isn’t the only thing plants give; they also give us food and beauty. Imagine going outside without no grass, trees, or flowers. It would all be dirt and we would have nothing look out our windows at. Now imagine our lives without any vegetable and fruits; all of our foods would be savory. No sugary substances would be in our diet. How can fertilizer possible effect photosynthesis? I would have asked myself that same Question before I started this project. If there is any type of lack in a mineral, that can effect photosynthesis. Minerals are what helps the plants grow. Photosynthesis is a stage of growth, so adding fertilizer to a malnourished plant would help photosynthesis.
If fertilizer wasn’t that important, famers wouldn’t be using it. It used to take quite a while to get all the

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