Effective way of tutoring Essay

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Effective way in Tutoring Students


A) Introduction
B) General discussion
1) Personal Experience
2) Tips on Promoting Student Motivation
3) Advantages and Disadvantages of Tutoring
C) Conclusion.

Tutoring is a tool in helping the children in their academic needs. The tutor guides them in answering their assignments as well as teaching them techniques in solving problems. This paper is aimed at describing tutor functional duties, tips on promoting student motivation, advantages and disadvantages of tutoring and my personal experience of tutoring students.
Studies from outside sources would facilitate me in coming up with my own conclusion. I will resort to some convenient tools and
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I provide them my support as one way to reduce the gap between what students are expected to know and to be able to do (http://www.geocities.com/manav_b_merv/tutorart3.html, 2004).
     Some researchers describe tutoring as the ideal teaching situation because it involves one-to-one instruction in content and skills selected and presented by the tutor. They claim that one-to-one tutoring presents an excellent opportunity to teach skills, strategies, and content knowledge to a single student. It optimize the impact of a variety of validated instructional practices and techniques, such as direct instruction, tutor modeling of thinking and problem-solving behaviors, scaffolding of support as students practice skills and strategies, and provision of immediate, positive, and corrective feedback (http://www.geocities.com/manav_b_merv/tutorart3.html, 2004).
     Students are different from one person to the other. Some students can easily grasp the subject, some don’t. In promoting student motivation, we need to have focus mind and clear goals. Here are some tips for promoting student motivation and performance. First, we need to build rewarding opportunities for social interaction. An adult tutor, for instance, can provide support and encouragement that can kindle motivation for a student. Cross-age peer tutoring and informal study group are the other examples of social situations that student may find to be motivating in

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