Elizabeth Dole: A True Role Model Essay

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Congresswoman Elizabeth Hanford Dole grew up in North Carolina in the small town of Salisbury ,and was born to a wholesaler on July 29, 1936. Dole had a privileged childhood and had the opportunity to study private balled and horseback riding amongst other things. As she grew up she became a model student succeeding in academics as well as extracurricular activities, such as drama and student government; and even got elected as president of her freshman class. After high school like many girls her age, Dole proceeded to go to college where she followed in her brothers footsteps and attended Duke University where she majored in political science in 1958 after which she did post-graduate work at Oxford in 1959 (“San Diego 96”). Some of …show more content…
Her priorities became the poor, handicapped, minorities, and women; a college at FTC recalls (“notablebiographies”). In 1975 Elizabeth Hanford married Robert Dole a senior senator in 1975. They became known as the top power couple because for their roles in national politics. Dole’s married life revolved almost entirely around their social political life. During Dole early career years she was a Democrat, then a registered Independent and after her marriage she became a Republican. In 1976 her husband, Robert Dole, ran for vice president for which she campaigned vigorously. Then in 1979, she gave up her position as FTC commissioner to campaign for him full-time. Though her husband’s campaign was unsuccessful Dole was becoming a well known as one of the Republican Party’s most outstanding Female leaders and was recognized as a competitor for a high political office (“notablebiographies”) Dole served in the Reagan and Bush administrations. In 1983 President Reagan appointed Dole as secretary of transportation, this put Dole as the first woman in American History to obtain that cabinet position. As secretary of transportation Dole lead an organization of 102,000 employees and administered a budget of almost $30 billion. This position as secretary of transportation also put her as the director of the U.S Coast Guard; this made her the first woman to command an

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