Enhancement Drugs influence the career of professional athletes

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Will we be able to barricade ‘Doping’ from intoxicating the world of sports? The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) states that the term doping comes from the Africans word ‘dop,’ a concoction made from grape leaves that Zulu warriors drank before going into battle (as sited in Maxwell, & Melham, 2005, p.1). Today, many athletes worldwide have been found guilty of breaching the Anti Doping Act. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of drug offenders in sports, as the need to win becomes priority and dope is relayed from athlete to athlete, directly and indirectly. Though not used by all, it is imperative for sports personnel to be educated and be made aware of the health issues such as cardiovascular disease and legal …show more content…
Proper labeling of these products will therefore help to sensitize athletes and other sports persons to prevent accidental ingestion of banned substances, for example a stamp stating WADA approved.
In addition, the Anti doping Act outlines penalties that would be met against athletes who take enhancement drugs. Athletes who are found guilty of breaching the Anti Doping Act, having tested positive from the Anti Doping Commission, will “face a disciplinary hearing, where the athlete confirms in writing the violation that had occurred. The athlete may be suspended and later allowed to resume their career” (Levy, 2011), or banned from participating in any sport event on the international level for a long period, possibly years. The athlete however, has the right to legal counsel and witness in court. The sanction is reviewed by the International Athletics Association Federation Doping Review Board and may appeal to the court of Arbitration of Sports for the final decision. Whatever sanctions are given, not only affects the athlete but the country he or she represents. There are also medical practitioners who liaise with athletes in prescribing and or administering banned substances to improve their performance in sports. These

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