Enlightenment Through Pain Essay

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Through experiencing or living with pain, insight, knowledge and understanding can be presented to those things that may not have been in realization in a pain free life. Because of pain, the true meaning of life, what it is like to live, and the value of oneself and others is to be within one’s control. Pain strengthens the body, mind, and the spirit. As stated in Virginia Woolf’s essay on Being Ill, the true beauty of the people and the real beauty of the earth can be seen through the eyes of those who are in pain. Also according to Woolf, pain can lead to spiritual divinity. From my understanding, the power of prayer to some people is not in belief until pain has overtaken the body of oneself or of a loved one. Pain seems to open …show more content…
“Ivan Ilyich knew he was responsible for the gloom that had descended, but could do nothing to dispel it (p. 71).” Ivan realized that he oppressed his pain upon the value of his family and in many ways, hurt them. Because of this, he was desperate to make everything right. “He felt sorry for them; he had to do something to keep from hurting them (p. 113).” After Ivan made this statement, he stretched out on his hospital bed and died. Towards the end of Ivan’s life, he did make a connection with his son. To Ivan, the realization of appreciation to the importance of life was absent until his pain completely took over him. Ivan repeatedly asked himself, “What is the “real” way to live?”
What is important and what really is not that critical, is realized by Lars Lennart Westin in The Death of a Beekeeper. Like Ivan with work being of first priority, nature was Lars’s first priority and value. Lars knew that he had not appropriately lived life up unto the point to where he became ill. Unlike Ivan who sought medical attention, Lars did not understand the advantage of being confound to a hospital room during the last days of life nor did he have any intention to do so. Lars received a medical notice letter from the district hospital Vasteras, but refused to open it (p.19). To me, he was afraid of change, especially when change was for the worse. Lars said,

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