Essay about Evaluation of Persuasion Techniques in an Advertisement

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Evaluation of Persuasion Techniques in an Advertisement

As it is known today, advertisements are part of our everyday life. Mostly advertisements are used to sell to consumers by persuading and reaching out to us, or to inform us of the choices we have as consumers. They often strengthen our desire for things by appealing to the compulsive aspects of our psyche. However, advertisements that advertise charities often try to appeal to the compassionate aspects of our psyche, in order to help people more needy than ourselves. Advertisements are generally more complex than we like to believe.

This advertisement is taken from a magazine and is appealing to people to give help to a charity known as
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I think the advertiser has used a younger child in this advertisement as people generally have more sympathy for the more susceptible, and a younger child is perhaps more vulnerable than a teenager. The use of a girl may also increase the sympathy because the stereotypical image of females is that they are weaker than the dominant males. However, this may not be people’s attitudes amongst children.

At first glance at this advertisement most people’s eyes are automatically drawn to those of the girl’s. The girl’s large eyes are desperately looking specifically at you for your support making you feel as if you are more personally involved. Through these pleading eyes it is possible to see the girl’s helplessness and her vulnerability as well as her need for support. They are also filled with tears as if she is going to burst out crying, which increases our desire to help her.

The layout of this advertisement is fairly simple; the picture is in the centre because it helps to catch the reader’s attention and curiosity to the advertisement and it has two pieces of text either side to deceive the reader into making him/her think there is not a large amount of text. The sponsor form is commonly at the bottom of the advertisement. There is also a border of text around the advertisement giving us some background information about

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