Evolution of Law Essay

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Evolution of Law

The government our nation has established today has come a long way from its roots. Starting with the Napoleonic Code and eventually ending with the Ratified Constitution of the United States.

Rome came to England bringing the Roman Code, thus law begins. The Roman Code was a rigid code that in reality did not change much. It required ample detail and was difficult to understand at times. For example, if there where five different murders all using five different colored knives. Whoever was in charge of the courts would record these murders as five different cases and may yield five different outcomes. In fact, defendants were never defended because there were no trials. You where brought before the people, asked
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As the Code changed so much it was no longer the code, the English needed a new name for their new law. They decided to name this law English Common Law.

Because of England's new found wealth, glory, and power they became bored and craved more. This era in time was properly christened the Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration was focused on three exploring countries England, France, and Spain. These three countries all landed in North America in hopes of new life. England landed on the eastern shore and coast. France landed in, what is known as, Canada today. Finally, Spain landed in, what is known as, Mexico and Florida today. Each country brought there own type of law with them to govern themselves. England brought their new English Common Law, France and Spain both brought the Roman Code. Because all three of these countries craved the same power and the same land, and in history sharing is never taught, war broke out. This war was dubbed the French and Indian War. France and England went to war over the land known as America. England defeated France and setup the original 13 colonies. Because of the overwhelming cost of war and England's greed, everything was taxed. The climax however, was the taxation of tea. The people in the colonies where outraged. They then came together, since their only

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