Essay on Examining the Modern Day Relevance of the Bill of Rights

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The Constitution lays out the rights and obligations of the newly formed United States government. But, what of the rights and obligations of its citizens? Starting in 1791 only two years after the Constitution was ratified the Constitution began to evolve and this process continues to this day. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights outlines the protections which citizens have from the government of the United States. The question raised in the title of this paper is; Are the Bill of Rights, written well over 200 years ago still relevant today? Of course they are and probably even more so. To illustrate this fact we will examine each of the ten amendments rewrite each one …show more content…
Sure, we should have the right to own firearms. The catch here is legal purposes. There are already laws governing guns these would still be enforced to protect the people, but there is no reason not to sustain this right. This is fundamental to the right of a people when” it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security”

Amendment 3 [2010]

Members of the Armed Forces will be quartered at government expense on government property.

Without the historical context of British soldiers being housed amongst the local colonialist to keep them in line and offset the cost of troop build up this seems not relevant. Now, having said that it seems that this Amendment might still need to be addressed. To impose its agenda a broke government might try to push armed forces into private homes for the same reason the King of England thought it was a good idea keep the citizens in line, watch their speech and actions and force the burden of room and board on the people.

Amendment 4 [2010] combing Amendments 4-8

No person will be convicted of a crime with out due process; they will have the right to a speedy jury trial. The right to only legal search and seizure, warrants will be issued only with probable cause and be specific in what and where they will be enforced. The punishment shall fit the crime as determined by the

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