Exploration of Realism Essay

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Exploration of Realism

Left realism is a new way of approaching crime, which disputes the ideas of the left idealists such as Marxists. They attack the idea that crime can only be solved through a radical revolution and offer practical realistic solution s to crime. Similarly right realists also look at crime from a different angle.

When looking at the causes of crime left realists do not agree with the idea of the ‘modern day robin hood’ that steals from the rich and redistributes income to the poor. Lea and Young see that the reality is that many of the victims of crime are themselves poor. In the USA Lea and Young found that unskilled workers were significantly more likely to get burgled
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Like we have seen in the topic of religion, religion can in fact reduce crime levels for example Asians commit less crime as they have traditional strong religious beliefs.

The right, however, see crime as more to do with being rational. They believe that criminals are rational; like most people are and if the costs of doing something outweigh the benefits it will not be done. This can be applied to crime; they see appropriate punishments, harsher sentences and heavier policing as the solution to crime. The risks of getting caught need to be higher and the punishments greater in order to deter criminals. Both the left and the right agree on a different approach to policing and that social control and community has more impact on crime than anything the state can enforce. Wilson and Kelling’s view on ‘broken windows’. They state that in order to prevent crime from getting out of hand you need to stop it at the first signs. For example, if one window gets broken, youths go around without being told off for bad behaviour etc. it deteriorates very quickly. The window must be repaired and the youth’s punished at first signs. This will prevent them moving onto bigger crimes and maintain the community. The left agree with this view and believe that it is the community, which stops crime – the fear

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