Exploring Frida Essay

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There are many professional artists that exhibit amazing creativity. In particular, the motion picture film Frida, which was directed by Julie Taymor, revealed the life of a creative artist named Frida Kahlo. Most of Frida’s paintings were results of complications and hardships in her life. Particularly In Frida, there various themes that related to her life. The three interesting themes that were represented in this movie to me were perseverance, sexuality, and artistic skill represented in pain. Frida encountered atypical experiences and situations, which made this movie quite interesting. Frida was a strong woman that persevered despite the many traumatic situations throughout her life. The first trauma scene of the movie …show more content…
Furthermore, Frida persevered when it came to her paintings and art work. In the film she had polio and green-gain in her leg, which disabled many of her gross motor skills. She was restricted to a daybed, recovering from her sicknesses. Despite of her bodily condition, she still attended the opening show that exhibited her art. She was carried in her daybed by a few men to her exhibit because this event meant a lot to her. In addition to her perseverance, Frida was involved in a great deal of sexual situations. Sexuality was firm aspect when relating to all of her relations in her life. When she was in her younger years, she seemed to be having sexual relations with a school boyfriend. In this particular scene, the boy and Frida were kissing and went to have sex in the closet. She seemed to be experienced in the area of sex at a young age. Furthermore, in another scene Frida seemed to like dressing like a male, putting on a tie and suit. She was dressed to take a family picture in this suit. Her dad said, “I always wanted a son” jokingly and they proceeded with the picture. I believe that incident previewed a deeper sense of her sexuality. She soon was kissing other woman and having sexual relationships with these women. Her sense of sexuality was geared towards both men and woman. In a particular scene her, Frida was talking to a woman about how her husband cheats and she said yea she gets mad a times. The lady she

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