Essay about Fashion: A Language of Its Own

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The other day I was walking back to my dorm room and I saw someone wearing a shirt that read "Fcuk" across the front. If looked at quickly, one would think that there was some modern profanity being displayed on the front of the shirt when, in fact, there was none. The writing on the shirt actually is a label for a company by the name of French Connection. All this begs the question, is fashion becoming more brash, or is it emphasizing on the American right to freedom of speech? Furthermore, are some people taking that constitutional right too far? Clothing and fashion has always had a language of its own. Throughout the ages, the style in which one dresses has defined one's position in society, one's political views and one's occupation. …show more content…
Every political movement has enforced subtle but sure change in the way people dress. For example, the most current political change in fashion seems to be the donning of pink shirts. Men don't seem to be so afraid of wearing pink anymore, much like in the Sixties when such a fashion was a statement, because of the recent cases between the government and the homosexual community, such as the conflicts over "Gay Marriage," and the Gay Rights Movement. Likewise, men and women aren't afraid to dress how they want to dress anymore. If a girl wants to dress masculine, she can; if a man wants to dress effeminately he can. In that manner, fashion defines the individual's differing views on society as well as where they feel comfortable in society. Along with all the positive connotations that "political fashion" can have, there are negative connotations that "political fashion" can have too. The recent War in Iraq or the "War on Terror" has forced the pride and custom dressing styles of some Muslim communities to restrain themselves from practicing the customary dressing codes that they have observed for so many thousands of years. These communities are chastised for their religious customs because of the current standing our government holds on people of Islamic origin...they must be terrorists.

As I said, the discourse of fashion has been heavily influenced by the "majority" population's stand on political issues. It has also been influenced, in the past

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