Film Analysis of Jaws Essay

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Film Analysis of Jaws

The film that I will be analyzing will be Jaws. The film JAWS was a trend in the summer of 1975 smashing all box office records. Over taking many box office hits and collecting in more than $100million in its initial theatrical run, and launched the career of director Steven Spielberg. The reason why it is set on 4th of July is because it is one of the busiest days of the community and a lot of tourist come down onto the beach.

At the beginning of the film the music that's plays at the back ground is soft and quiet. This makes the audience feel suspicious that something is going to happen, as the shark swiftly moves through the weeds in the deep murky water the tension
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This could mean that the boy must be a main character or either a victim. Brody watches the sea from the beach nervously if there was going to be another shark attack. A man dressed in a yellow shirt and trunks throws a stick in the sea for his dog to fetch this was a long shot as we see the pupil in the sea having fun. The dog runs in the water as well as Alex both very exited playing in the water. Alex gets onto his lilo which is yellow as well and starts to swim (medium shot). Brody continues to watch the sea nervously. He sees a black object coming closer to the kids and he believes it's a shark he gets tensed and starts to fear. Afterwards sees that the black object coming closer was an old man swimming with his swimming hat. This shot was shown as a long shot because it looked like a shark coming in to the beach as we couldn't see it properly. The sun burnt man talks to Brody blocking Brody's view of the sea. This shot was a close up and you can see the tension on Brody's face as his sweated like a pig in the scorching weather. He's watching a girl in the distance (long shot) as the man came and sat in front of him. He sees the girl screaming and also panicking this makes the audience feel tensed but then realizing that here boyfriend was playing around with her and picked here up from

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