Food Production Has Harmful Environmental Consequences Essay

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The greatest obstacle for many farmers and producers in dealing with increasing food production for the growing human population is avoiding environmental problems. We know cities will get bigger and suburbs will grow greater across the United States over the next few decades and by 2050 the population increase will likely be 2.6 billion more people to feed. We need to look at different ways to produce food that will sharply decrease the harmful environmental effect in areas such as biodiversity loss, topsoil erosion and air pollution.
Biodiversity is a variety of all living things in which they exist and interact within plant and animal species. The variety of life such as genetic variation, species variation, ecosystem variation or
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216) Failure to preserve seeds of many plants is taking a big coverage risk because stored seeds do not remain alive indefinitely therefore they must be planted periodically so new seeds can be collected.
Soil is the key component of the earth’s natural capital. Topsoil erosion is a serious problem. Some topsoil erosion occurs naturally while some are caused by human activities. The largest cause of erosion occurs by flowing water which carries away particles of topsoil that have been loosened by rainfall. This type of erosion often leads to the formation of gullies. Another type of erosion is from wind which tends to loosen and blow topsoil particles away, typically in areas with a dry climate and relatively flat and exposed land. Earth’s natural capital loss takes place when we destroyed fertile topsoil that holds grasses through activities such as farming, deforestation, and overgrazing. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported in 2008 that “overgrazing and soil compaction and erosion by livestock had degraded about 20% of the world’s grasslands and pastures.” (Miller & Spoolman, 2013, p. 218) It also reported that that “rangeland grazing and industrialized livestock production caused about 55% of all topsoil erosion and sediment pollution, and 33% of

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