Football Essay

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Though beaten, bloody, and drained of energy, the two teams in competition still thirst for victory and strive to defeat their opponents. Both teams can smell victory in the air and give their all to come out on top of this football game. All kinds of emotions stir, and as the men pound at each other constantly, the crowd roars. Because of all of the intensity involved in the game, football is on of the world’s most popular sports, however, understanding the game of football is not easy. Football is a complex sport in its origin, evolution, and rules of the game. It is said that the forerunner of American football was a game called “harpaston,” played by the ancient Greeks. Similar to modern football, the object of …show more content…
If this is accomplished, two more points are added to the team’s score. On defense, turnovers, which include interceptions (when a defensive player catches a pass thrown by the quarterback) and fumble recoveries (when an offensive player drops the ball and it is recovered by a defensive player), can occur and a player runs it back for a touchdown. Also if the defense can stop the offense behind its own goal line, this is known as a safety and is worth two points for the defense. When football is played, the team in possession of the ball is the offense and the team defending its goal against the offense is the defense. Players involved in plays when the ball is being kicked are known as the special teams (this includes punt, punt return, kickoff, kickoff return, field goal, field goal block, and point after touchdown). The eleven players on offense are put into two groups, the seven linemen (offensive line) and four players in the backfield (also known as backs). The offensive line always consists of five or more players, the center (the person in the middle of the line that hikes the ball to the quarterback) the right guard, the left guard, the right tackle, and the left tackle. The offensive line blocks defenders for passes and runs. There is also usually a tight end or two, but this is optional. There is a quarterback, who either hands of the ball to a halfback of fullback to run with

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