Fred Lebow Founder of the NYC Marathon Essay

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How was the NYC Marathon conceived, and why does it give the Big Apple its happiest, most unifying day of the year?

Fred Lebow was a showman. He liked action. He liked attention. Originally born Fishl

Lebowtiz on June 6, 1932 in Transylvania, Romania he did something that was beyond belief.

He is the father of the world's greatest foot race, The New York City Marathon. Lebow

transformed the marathon from a small race with 55 finishers in 1970 to one of the largest

marathons in the world with over 30.000 finishers today. Lebow proved to the world that

ordinary people can run in a marathon. Lebow survived the Holocaust after the German army

arrived late in the war in his Transylvanian town near the Hungarian
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that no attention is being given to the race, Lebow visits the New York Times, but no one

showed any kind of interest. However, when told that Ted Corbitt would be running things would


The New York Times ran an article about the race and Lebow learned something he

would apply down in the road in promoting his marathon party, the importance of the big names.

The race was won by a fireman, Gary Muhrcke, with a 2 : 31: 38 and the award was a $10 watch.

Lebow paid for the awards from his pocket. With the marathon growing from year to year,

Lebow's entrepreneurial mind, told him to take his project a step further. The idea came to him

on framing a five borough party. The marathon would not only be a vehicle of showcase running,

but it would also boost the New York City's economy which was in a deep downturn. A boost to

his dream came from borough president Sutton, who requested Lebow that if the proper police

protection and the money was offered would Lebow stick with his idea. Lebow accepted this idea and the next step was who would sponsor the race. Rudin Management Companybecame on the

first sponsors, offering twenty thousand. . Knowing that it would not be enough Lebow turned to

other sponsor. He wrote a letter to Citibank and no interest was shown by them. Than he turned

to Manufacturers Hannover Bank and the vice

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