Freedom in ivil Disobedience and Economy by Henry David Thoreau

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When it comes to the topic of how Henry David Thoreau chooses the audience for his texts, many agree that the reasoning involved the writer’s longing for achieving results rather than convincing an audience. When this agreement usually ends, however, is the question of why Thoreau ignores people who support the Mexican American War and slavery and instead focuses on those who protest against those issues. His writing philosophy in the essays “Civil Disobedience” and “Economy” shows his favouritism towards the idea that individuals need freedom of exercising their conscience and that this leads to success. His aims in targeting the unhappy and out speak their discontent shows potential that challenges slavery and the war. Consequently, …show more content…
21). Here, Thoreau argues that since these people believe they do what they need to, it’s hopeless to change their minds. Through voicing their complaints, however, Thoreau believes that his group exercises their conscience and thus have potential to eradicate slavery and oppose the war. He argues that those who do favour current order are close-minded individuals. Throughout his text, Thoreau speaks about how in the long term, both war and slavery have no benefits on American society. Ultimately, Thoreau finds that slavery and the war are holding back the potential of progress. My discussion of Thoreau’s choice of audience is in fact addressing the larger matter of how his philosophy advocates action and individual thought by favouring those who oppose to be part of the supposed majority that benefits from both slavery and the war. Ultimately, what is a stake here is the democratic notion of the majority rule during Thoreau’s time. I agree with Thoreau in that this group needs no convincing because it has no potential to achieve anything other than maintaining present conditions. They do not want to loose the benefits of slavery and the war and convincing them to do so is a wasted effort. My own view is that what Thoreau insists has validity since those who benefit oppose anything that might challenge their power.

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