Fuel Cells are The Future Energy Source Essay

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In a society that is capable of producing and consuming large amount of energy, we often take these nonrenewable resources for granted. It isn’t until the last few decades that people begins to realize the effect of global warming. With more and more cars appearing on the road everyday, the necessity of gasoline is greatly increasing. Fortunately, a “new” technology has been developed. It is believed to be the next replacement for gasoline and it would have positive environmental impact. As you might have guessed, it is the fuel cells.

The idea of fuel cells has actually been developed more than a century ago by William Robert Grove, thus it is not exactly a new development. Initial ideas with the fuel cells are to be used in
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In addition to these factors, scientists have not yet discovered a way for fuel cells vehicles to travel at high speeds. This means if all forms of transportation that are using fuel cells technology will not be able to move at a higher rate. Although fuel cells seem far away in meeting current standards, it will still probably be used unless a new and much more innovative method is developed.

Environmental Effects
The main reason fuel cells are considered to be the replacement of gasoline is because of its environmentally friendly byproduct: water. It is also using a renewable resource, which is also water in most cases. Many people are optimistic about this new form of energy because it gives them hope. But like DDT, the side effect of bringing so much water on to land can be disastrous. It probably does not come to most people’s mind that the more area is exposed, the faster the evaporation. If water alone dripped along the roads everyday in massive quantities, there will definitely be a lot of evaporation. As a result, the rainy season will be prolonged. Excess of rain might be good in some areas in Africa, but in other places, it will create floods all year round. Eventually, this will change the ecosystem of any area and will trigger other chain effects.

Economical Effects
If fuel cells cars are cheap and efficient enough to buy, it will greatly affect the oil price all over the world. Prices will most likely decrease or stay the

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