Game Analysis of Halo: Ghosts of Onyx Essay

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Halo: Ghosts of Onyx begins in the year 2531 with a raid on an Insurrectionist base by the SPARTAN-II Blue Team. Their goal was to recover stolen FERNIS nuclear warheads, but were captured by rebel general Howard Graves; a former UNSC Marine who defected to the Insurrectionists. However, Spartan Kurt-051 manages to slip away from the team before they are captured, and helps the rest of Blue team escape Insurrectionist capture. One month after the raid, Blue Team is put on a mission to investigate a ruptured Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine. Kurt is sent ahead to scout it out, but as he gets closer to the engine, his equipment begins to malfunction. Eventually, the thruster pack he’s using malfunctions and Kurt is sent spiraling out into …show more content…
This causes Kurt to intensify the training regimes for Beta Company and push for SPI armor upgrades.
Beta Company suffers the same fate as Alpha Company. Operation: TORPEDO nearly completely wipes out Beta Company, leaving only two survivors; Tom-B292 and Lucy-B901. Kurt manages to get Tom and Lucy assigned to help him train Gamma Company on Onyx, despite Ackerson’s protests. To help ensure Gamma Company’s survival, Kurt uses an illegal procedure and alters Gamma Company’s mind. He makes the SPARTANs resistant to pain and shock and make it so that they become more aggressive in times of danger. They require a regular dose of 009127-PX and 009927-DG to ensure that the Spartans’ aggression does not get out of control. During a top-honors exercise on Onyx, teams Saber, Katana, and Gladius engage each other with training weaponry, each team trying to eliminate the other two. Team Saber moves extremely close to the restricted, highly classified Zone 67 in order to sneak past Katana and Gladius. Saber notices a plateau explode and see small drones assaulting the UNSC base. They assume the drones are Covenant and decide to investigate and engage.
They find that the drones’ shields are impervious to high-velocity projectiles, such as bullets, but they can be damaged by objects such as rocks. Saber loses contact with teams Katana and Gladius, and moves toward the UNSC camp so arm themselves. There, they find

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