Essay about Gateway to the Smokies

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is the "Gateway to the Smoky Mountains." It is located approximately 120 miles southwest of the ETSU campus. Pigeon Forge is a highly recognized tourist town with many activities. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee contains many forms of entertainment, such as Dollywood, lodging, and restaurants for the average student tourists.

The entertainment industry is the main reason why Pigeon Forge is such a well-known tourist town. Dollywood is usually the main attraction. Dollywood is an Appalachian theme park that draws in thousands of tourists each year. It is located at the next-to-last traffic light in Pigeon Forge and to the left. The admission prices vary between adult and children. Price for an adult admission is $34.25
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The "Smoky Mountain Rampage" is a favorite of mine. It is a water ride that simulates white water rafting in a circular raft.

If want to find something other than Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, then you are lucky. Pigeon Forge is filled with activities. A place that I frequent is Ultrazone. Ultrazone is a high-tech laser tag game that is fun for both children and adults. One fifteen-minute game cost $6 for adults and $4 for children. If you are still not satisfied there is also The Track. The Track has a go-kart track, miniature golf, bungee jumping, and a large arcade. The go-kart track is what The Track is well known for. The go-karts are the fastest in town and are not that expensive at about $5 a ride. Pigeon Forge also has shopping in mind. The city has hundreds of outlet stores throughout. The three main outlet malls are the Belz, Z-Buda, and the Tanger. These malls contain brand-name stores such as American Eagle, Pacific Sunwear, and Vans Shoes.

The special events in Pigeon Forge draw in crowds all year round. The Shades of the Past car show is my favorite. The car show brings the most beautiful pre-1949 cars from all around the country that I have ever seen. The two best cars that I have seen there is a 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom I convertible with a pale white coloring, and a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air that was jet black with flames creeping up the sides. There are cars parked all around Pigeon Forge for everyone to see. Pigeon Forge

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