Essay Genderless Society, an Illusion or Reality

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According to, gender is defined as “the condition of being female or male.” Gender and Sexuality conjure up images of the male and female and the roles that each sex is supposed to fulfill. Of the two forces (Biology and Environment) influencing human development, especially gender, environment is more influential. Environment is basically the surrounding conditions or forces capable of influencing a person or any entity, for example, family, culture, peers, society, etc. In view of this, let us now think about these thought provoking questions. Do you believe there will ever come a day when boys will play with dolls and girls will play with trucks and no one will notice? Suppose parents could successfully forget about the …show more content…
For instance, taking, Lois Gould’s fable “X: A Fabulous Child’s Story” from the book, Mirror on America, into consideration. Why? Because it looked un-natural and people raised eyes-brows and were suspicious about the pathetic story of baby X.
     Let us now take a critical look at this scenario positively, that is, if a genderless society is attainable, what might be the advantages and the disadvantages? Firstly, considering the advantages of a genderless society, I might be visualizing from my mental mirror that the issue of gender inequality will be eradicated. Since “roles are gendered. Either sex can participate in opposite gendered roles. The problem is that males are expected to be masculine and women to be feminine. Those jobs that are more feminine have lower statuses, thus lower pay,” said, Lorber, an eminent Dr. of Sociology. This asserts that inequality comes into play in a gendered society. For life to be natural there must be a balance between genders in all ramifications.
     Additionally, there might be an eradication of stereotypes between genders where radical-like Feminist Organizations, which brings about Affirmative Action, would be extinct. Also to be seen happening in genderless society are the eradication of- male tendency toward violence, gender

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