Essay about George Eliot’s Silas Marner

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Gold completely consumes Silas’ life, but the spell is broken once Eppie enters his life. What is keeping him in isolation is his gold, “His gold, as he hung over it and saw it grow, gathered his power of loving together into a hard isolation like its own” (Eliot 40).21 Hoarding, counting, and loving his money restricts his heart to love. The following quote describes Silas’ metamorphosis from having a cold heart filled with gold to a heart dependent on human interaction, “Formerly, his heart had been as a locked casket with its treasure inside; but now the casket was empty, and the lock was broke. …And there was a slight stirring of expectation at the sight of his fellow men, a faint consciousness of dependence on their good will” (Eliot …show more content…
Because “There was love between him and the child that bent them into one, and there was love between the child and the world” (Eliot 133-134)27, it allows Silas’ heart to grow and not only let Eppie in, but Raveloe as well, “As Eppie grows up, her presence redeems Silas from his lonely isolation, and his love for her prepares her for a full and free adulthood” (Conway).28 Eppie literally transforms Silas’ entire life, similar to how biological parents’ life changes when their child is born. Eppie takes Silas’ life and bends, molds, and creates a much better life for him by opening his heart to her and Raveloe. After Silas claims and raises Eppie as his own his “…isolation and personal disruption are replaced by integration” (Shuttleworth 88).29 By going to church, communicating with neighbors, and, most importantly, allowing people to help him Silas integrated himself into society. By letting “The men at the Rainbow help Marner after he is robbed even though he is an outsider. The villagers are dependent on each other, and when Marner also realizes this, he is ready to play his part in a wider community, instead of foolishly trying to be self-sufficient” (Milne and Sisler).30 Eppie and

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