Gistave Flaubert's Madame Bovary Essay

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In the novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, Flaubert uses the character of Emma to make love seem like a worthless concept. Emma, who wants to be loved, is loved by Charles, but she feels that he is not exciting enough and decides to pursue other romances. Flaubert uses infidelity as a way of dealing with ones emotions. Because she was not able to stay faithful to her husband, Emma deserves the consequences of her actions. Therefore, she does not deserve the reader’s sympathy. When Charles and Emma first meet, one thinks that they will do well together. Of course she is demanding, but still they seemed to be in love. This statement is half correct. Charles is deeply in love with Emma, but Emma becomes disenchanted by Charles, …show more content…
Some would argue that the society that Emma lives in is the reason for her faults. This could be a reason, but upon further examination one finds that Emma’s problems are hers and hers alone. In the novel, Flaubert describes her distaste in Charles as a need to be richer. (Flaubert, 62 ). For example, when she has the affair with Rodolphe, she dreams of living a lavish life, a life where she would be free to treat herself to anything imaginable. This is something that Charles cannot give her so she finds it in other men. Emma also accumulates an enormous amount of debt. Emma should have stuck her marriage out with Charles. When she first got depressed and was expecting a child, Charles did what he had to do to make her feel better. Charles does everything he can to make her feel comfortable, but she keeps thinking of him as the dull and boring person she thinks he is. Though he is dull, something he has been since his child hood, Charles is a decent husband. Emma repays him by meeting Leon, and starting an emotional affair. Some would say that this was because of the time period and a man being over a woman, but this is not the case. Emma rushed into a marriage with a person that she did not know. She did not take the time to get to know Charles, if would have, then she would have known that they are not compatible. When Leon finally confesses his love to her Emma feels guilty and decides to fall back into the role of

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