Giuseppi Verdi Essay

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Romantic ideas dominated the nineteenth century. Many great composers arose to satisfy the thriving public’s ears. Among these was Giuseppi Verdi (1813-1901), who lived in northern Italy. He remains known for his Italian operas, even though he had also written a version of the Requiem Mass, a string quartet and several other songs (Yudkin, 2013). Verdi was viewed as a strong composer who grew and prospered throughout his life.

Unlike many other composers of the time, Verdi was not born into a family of musicians; his father ran an inn in a nearby small town and his mother worked as a spinner. Though Verdi never had extreme musical influence, his craving for that aspect of life became strong. As a boy, Verdi displayed this talent and
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In 1871, Aida was performed to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal (Yudkin, 2013). It contained four acts which described the love triangle between the Egyptian prince Radames, the Egyptian princess Amneris, and the Ethiopian princess Aida. The second and third acts involve the two countries at war, fighting over the Nile. Radames returns to Egypt with many Ethiopians held captive, including Aida and her father, the king. Radames betrayed Amneris, therefore sentencing himself to be buried alive. Aida, his true love, resolved to be buried alongside him (Green, n.d.). Aida was popular among many and demonstrated the excitement of the public regarding the new canal near Egypt.

Following the success of Aida, Verdi contemplated retirement several times. Now in his seventies, he was inveigled into developing two Shakespearean works: Otello (1887) and Falstaff (1893) (Yudkin, 2013).

Verdi created several symbolic pieces of art throughout his lifetime, therefore becoming an idolized individual. He wrote operas that displayed thoughts about the current events, which demonstrated his views and cares for his fellow citizens. Verdi was admired so deeply that when Italy liberated itself from Austrian rule, he was invited to join as a member of parliament (Yudkin, 2013). On the seventh day of January 1901, Verdi passed away (The Biography Channel, 2013). Due to this,

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