Gothic Story Essay

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Gothic Story

Rozabella struggled faithfully on, her hand firmly clasping that of little Edwin. The trees around them were blacker and darker then the night itself, every crack of a branch, every owl's hoot made Rozabella's maiden heart flutter and convolse with a terrible, otherworldly terror, for it was no ordinary man who would be on their trail tonight and already her weak limbs were failing her, but terror drove them on into the black, savage woods. The thick black mud hindered their progress and Rozabella was soon sobbing with exhaustion and despair. Every sound made the pair start with fright. It was still a long way to the road and rescue when the howling of wolves silenced the night
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It occurred to her that the wolves may find him anyway, but at least like this Edwin had a chance. Unlike her; for the wolves were close now, she could hear them on the road, they were so close that Rozabella could even smeall them, the foul, sickening, unclean stench of rotting flesh. For surely she had seen them, only days before tearing limb to limb the screaming servant girl Ricarda. Then they were there; their eyes glowing like the fires of hell, bloody saliva streaked their coats and they snarled and swung their heads in eager and bloodthirsty anticipation of the meal before them. Rozabella, who had struggled so faithfully to save her stepson, was barely aware, so stricken with terror was she, when the faintness grasped her and pulled her into a glad oblivion.

When her conciousness returned it was to quite a different sight. She was in a high ceilinged cavern, sitting in a high backed chair and their were candles blazing all around, beneath her dress her feet were bound tightly. Acting on instinct alone Rozabella, still reeling with faintness, lifted her once white dress to her knees and struggled with the cruely tight knots, but there was no way that her girlish, scholarly fingers could attempt such ropes.

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